Agency Mergers

The Province hired Ernst & Young to conduct a “line-by-line” review of public spending to identify potential savings. The report, Managing Transformation: A Modernization Action Plan for Ontario emphasizes that “nearly all of the increase in expenditure has gone into funding Transfer Payments” and underscores the need to “strongly focus” on agency spending, including community service agencies. That focus includes “optimize the productivity of all delivery systems…including driving the consolidation of [agencies]”.

These policies could significantly alter the way agencies serve their communities and are an important areas of input by nonprofits.


The 2019 Budget announced a series of plans to restructure, “consolidate” or “streamline” programs, services and nonprofit provider arrangements for efficiencies. These include changes to the provision of employment programs, supportive housing, community services, income supports and child care.  While many of these process have ye to be established, some are clear. Employment programs, for example, will be led by a new group of “service managers” who will be selected through a competitive process including both non-profit and private sector applicants.

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