COVID-19: What You Should Know

Here are some basic facts about the virus, from public health sources Toronto Public Health Fact Sheet

Here is Toronto Public Health: Guidance for Employers to address workplace issues during the pandemic

Here is Guidance for Vulnerable Sector Service Providers on how to work with highly vulnerable people during the pandemic

Here is a Fact Sheet for Organizational Planning to guide transitions in emergency situations

Here are some tips for helping your organization Stay Connected During the Pandemic

Since we’re meeting less and going online more, here are some Tips for Going Virtual with your activities and events

We have an obligation to keep ourselves and others safe so here are some tips and best practices on social distancing. For people who may have been exposed, here is How to Self-Isolate and also a guide on looking after people in Self-Isolation for Caregivers, Household Members and Close Contacts, as well as a tool for self assessment.

Here is where you can go to get more information on economic and financial supports (with thanks to our friends at the East Scarborough Storefront).

For staying up to date on what is happening locally, provincially, and nationally, here are some links to the latest information: