Ontario for All is an alliance of nonprofit community organizations that has joined together to raise the issues for building a fair, equitable and inclusive Ontario where everyone belongs. We work across our communities and across party lines to raise 5 critical issues. We agree these issues are critical to the lives of all Ontarians, especially the most vulnerable:
Reconciliation Fully implementing the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Work Building an economy with fair and equitable opportunities and decent work for all.
Out of Poverty Creating pathways out of poverty by ensuring that everyone has income security and the supports they need to live with dignity.
Safe Housing Ensuring affordable, appropriate and safe housing is available to all.
Community Investing in inclusive, healthy communities with affordable and quality childcare and public education, pharmacare and dental programs, transit and transportation, and community programs and services.
Ontario for All is a non-partisan campaign. We are looking to engage with MPPs and representatives from all parties who are keen to learn more about the work that we do in community and the lived experience of our communities. Want to engage with us? We want to hear from you!

Voices from the Campaign

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  • Ontario Oral Health Alliance Forum at Queen’s Park - Over 80 community members from across Ontario met at Queens Park to get MPPs talking about expanding access to dental care – a gaping hole in our healthcare system. Ontario’s healthcare system does not cover our teeth and gums. An estimated 2-3 million people in Ontario do not visit a dentist, mainly due to the […]
  • I often have to give up food to pay for rent - “I often have to give up food to pay for rent and living expenses. I went without hydro and was cold for two months in order to pay rent.” — Survey respondent, 2017 Who’s Hungry report As the largest charitable food distribution network in the GTA, we hear these kinds of stories every day. Low […]
  • The time for action is now, again —— - Poverty is a desperate, sad thing. It damns us all, hurts some of us much more. Single mothers face twice the poverty rate of couples with children. New immigrants, First Nations people and People of Colour find the labour and housing markets exclude them in very similar and harsh ways. Our youth are entering a […]

Support for this initiative is provided by the United Way Greater Toronto.