Agenda for Change

This spring, we gathered nonprofit community service agencies across the GTA to explore their priorities for the future of Ontario. In the course of five meetings, over 550 individuals from over 300 nonprofits, engaged in discussions with panels of experts, debated the critical issues, and outlined their priorities. We were pleased to have an equitable balance between the 905 and 416 agencies among our participants, and participants also met in working groups by geography to explore issues in more detail.

The results of their work, which were recorded in 19 breakout group summaries, 3 hours of video, and 24 Zoom chat threads, have been consolidated here as a clear set of priorities from the nonprofit community service sector.

They paint a picture of an Ontario that works for everyone, achieved through:

adequate income supports, including significant adjustments to social assistance modernization plans

  • expanding and protecting affordable housing through investment in new, affordable, purpose built, social housing, and through effective rent control policies that protect affordability
  • access to safe, affordable services like childcare, home care and long term care, delivered by reliable providers focused on quality care
  • decent work, including adequate incomes, safe workplaces and appropriate benefits, with a focus on the most marginalized
  • support for a robust community service sector.

These goals were spelled out in detailed analysis of key policy areas that affect the success of people in our province.

You can read the Agenda for Change here