Engaging Your MPP

Your MPP is the gateway to public policy for your community.

Government MPP’s convey their community’s feelings on policy matters to the governing party through their caucus meeting. Opposition MPPs shape what issues their parties focus on and raise with the government.

The easier and most immediate way to ensure your community’s ideas and concerns are being addressed at Queen’s Park is through your MPP.

It may seem stressful to reach out to your MPP and their staff. But the reality is, they are just like you. They are people who care about the community and believe they can work to make it better. Nonprofit leaders are in an exceptionally good position to help them in that work by connecting them to the issues and concerns of the community.

Here are some tips on how you can connect effectively to your MPP.

How to Engage in a Nonpartisan Way

How to Write a Letter to your MPP

How to host an MPP for a meeting

How to host an MPP for a tour of your organization