Take Action

Ontario for All is built on the notion that community, and community organizations, matter – and that we can do more together than we can alone. Individually and together we engage across the GTA, and across party lines, to ensure that all MPPs and parties are committed to building a fair, equitable and inclusive Ontario where everyone belongs.

There are many nonpartisan ways for nonprofits to engage. Here are some things your organization can do, including instructions to help you activate your ideas. Need help? Looking for partners to increase your collective impact? We’re here to help!

(Special thanks to the Ontario Nonprofit Network. Many of our how-to guides are based on their great work.)

We have created lots of tools to help you undertake the things that can help you in this work:

Informing Your Community

Engaging your MPP

Ontario for All is an issues-based, non-partisan, positive campaign. Our goal is to raise this issues that matter with all MPPs and officials from all parties. We want to make sure building a fair, equitable and inclusive Ontario is on everyone’s agenda.

Individual organizations each bring their unique voice to the issues. Here are some ideas to get you going. Use them as they are, or make them your own.

Communicating with your community through Twitter

Twitter can be a valuable tool for providing your community with quick updates on issues that may affect them. Some people may also lack other tools for tracking policy designs that impact their lives, so your efforts to provide information could be very helpful. Others just like to be kept in the loop. Either way, letting your community know what’s going on is a valuable service.

For a simple infographic with tips on effective Tweeting, click here.

For sources of updates follow @ON4ALL , and we will follow you back so we can amplify your messages!