Why Take Action on Policy

Public Policy Reform is welcomed, it’s effective, it’s good for your community and it’s easy.

Have a look.

Improved rules for nonprofits welcome their involvement in policy reform 

Charities now have more freedom to shape policy and your nonprofit can help guide how this is implemented

New legislation redefines efforts to change laws or policies policy as “public policy dialogue and development activities” (PPDDA) and permits charities to engage in an unlimited amount of that work, up to 100% of their  activities if they choose. Learn more by clicking here

Nonprofits are having an impact on policy in Ontario and it’s helping out communities

Nonprofits have real success in reforming policies. Far from being a problem, getting involved in addressing public policy got better services and programs for communities in just the last year. To find out how it helped with policy on Autism, click here. To find out how it helped with policy on environmental protections , click here. To find out how it helped get seniors dental care, click here.

Missing out on policy reform can hurt your organization and your community


Access to education, health care, employment, decent wages and community services matter to the people you support in your community. Supporting your community, by keeping them informed and helping them respond to policies that affect them and their families is part of the basic work of ensuring livable and health communities.


New policies may have an even bigger impact on your organizations and the people it serves.

The Province hired Ernst and Young to conduct a “line-by-line” review public spending to identify potential savings. The report, Managing Transformation: A Modernization Action Plan for Ontario lays out a “Framework” for “Better Public Finance Management in Ontario”. The report emphasizes that “nearly all of the increase in expenditure has gone into funding Transfer Payments” and stresses the need to “strongly focus” on the spending of these agencies. That focus includes “optimize the productivity of all delivery systems…including driving the consolidation of [agencies]”.

The affect of these policies on you and your organizations could be substantial. The 2019 Budget announced plans to “streamline” and “consolidate” programs in employment, housing, and community services. Those haven’t turned into concrete changes yet, but streamlining remains a theme in government communications.


Does your nonprofit help community members tackle their challenges?

Do you want your nonprofit to be sustainable and healthy?

Then policy reform is a valuable tool for you.

Here’s How

Keeping your staff and your board informed

Communicating with your community on digital media

Engaging your MPP productively